I’ve known Rory for 26 years. She is successful, energetic, beautiful and incredibly disciplined. She has transitioned from a busy modeling career to being one of the most respected real estate brokers in Los Angeles, while simultaneously training to be a competitive swimmer. I know how hard and tirelessly she has worked to achieve her goals – I was there! I have a lot of respect for Rory.

- Megan Mullally


Rory was aware of the emotional significance of this sale and was sensitive to the needs of me and my family throughout the process. I cannot imagine trusting such a task to any other broker.

- Osgood Perkins


In the 30 years that I have know my fellow Taurean Rory, I have watched her transition from model to business woman and from party girl to fit and healthy athlete. Whatever her challenge, she gives 100%, with integrity and determination and I am pleased to say that goes for her friendship too!

- Grace Jones


I have known Rory for 15+ years, we met at UCLA Masters swim workouts. Over the years we have worked together professionally, and swam many workouts together. Rory truly has a high standard of integrity and is an impeccable professional, is extremely athletic and is a true buddy to many of us. She is clearly a role model to be admired.

- Mark Spitz

I have known Rory for 32 years now and have never seen, even in the toughest times, her give into despair or accept defeat.

-Kathleen Turner


Rory has been a loyal and dear friend for 25 years. She is a smart, hard-working, incredibly determined woman whom I have great respect for. In the business dealings I have had with Rory, as well as personal affairs, the one thing that I respect her for the most is her confidentiality. And believe me, I have tried to get things out of her!!!!

- Lorna Luft


Through our numerous collaborations on multiple real estate projects, Rory has proven to be highly responsible with a delightful personality and stellar attention to detail.

- Samuel J. Levin, President, Levin and Company Management, Inc.


The first time I met Rory I thought, what a great looking lady – suntanned, moving like the athlete I guessed she was, and best of all, personable and terrific at her job – she sold us our house. I have no doubt that she will continue to succeed in whatever challenge she chooses to undertake.

-Blake Edwards


Rory is the best!

-Nancy Sinatra