Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving, for me means giving thanks for all that I have in my life. It is so important for me to surround myself with people whom I deeply care about and who care about me. Some people express to me that they hate the holidays because they are not close to their family (geographically and figuratively speaking) or they do not have family. But when I think of family I think not only of a biological family but I think of people around me who make me feel good, people who I can count on, people who I can share my ups and downs with and people who will grow with me over the years. I surround myself with people that I respect and people who respect me. I love my swim team family, my beach family (so many wonderful people whom I have met over the years near my home at the beach), my ocean family (surfers and dolphins alike)....and for you, it could be your work family, your yoga family, your running team family, or whatever family you choose.

So whatever environment fills you up and whatever people make you feel good being around...be with those people especially during the holiday season or bask in your peaceful place and go and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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